These investment facts should confirm your decision to purchase property on Aruba

  • Aruba — as a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands- — falls under the Dutch judicial system. which ensures a market-friendly institutional environment based on a well-functioning legal system, rule of law, legally protected rights, and political & social stability. One’s individual legal rights are guaranteed and protected all the way to the highest courts of The Hague, Netherlands;
  • Aruba is ranked as one of the safest destinations in the world;
  • There are no legal restrictions on property ownership. The only requirements are a valid photo ID and evidence of financial resources;
  • With proof of home ownership in Aruba, non-resident owners may reside up to 6 months each year in Aruba. Homeowners can also receive a permanent residence permit as “Retiree” with evidence that one can sustain themselves financially;
  • Aruba is located outside of the hurricane belt;
  • Local bank financing is available to international buyers;
  • All beaches in Aruba are public. There are no private beaches including those in front of the hotels;
  • There are no capital gains taxes when property is registered in the name of an individual;
  • Aruba is ranked as “The best place to invest in the Caribbean”. The market for second homes in Aruba is an emerging market with relatively low home prices and high propensity for property value appreciation;
  • Aruba is a landing point of the Pan American Submarine Cable System and is connected with the world fiber optic network, providing a robust and redundant telecommunications infrastructure. Currently the country provides the latest in advanced information technology, with (1) fiber optic grid installed in most location, and (2) availability of 4G LTE mobile network with island wide coverage;
  • In the last 5 years the Government has invested more than US$ 600 million in productive infrastructure projects, including: a four-lane highway to San Nicolas, a four-lane highway to downtown, the modernization and capacity expansion of the Hospital, capacity expansion of the airport, the relocation of the container port from downtown to Barcadera, and the modernization and capacity expansion of utility companies;
  • Aruba enjoys strong political relations with the USA which has allowed for barrier-less US Immigration and US Customs pre-clearance. Aruba is one of only 3 non- US territories in the world which offers these facilities;
  • Aruba welcomes over 150 flights every week from various cities in the USA such as New York, Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta and Toronto and Montreal in Canada, Amsterdam in The Netherlands, England, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Suriname, Curacao and Bonaire. Several local and international airlines such as KLM, Delta, American, Jet Blue, TUI Netherlands & Avianca offer flights to Aruba daily;
  • The Aruban population speaks a minimum of 4 languages; the native and official language being Papiamento, with English being our official business language, Dutch our legal language and Spanish a cultural language given the proximity to Latin-America;
  • Aruba has a high index of Happiness level at 78%. The “One Happy Island, Aruba” is not just a trendy tagline, but a representation of happiness as an inherent part of Aruba’s DNA.


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